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The article about Bubble Plan and innovative startups on

Guide ➤ the best French SaaS software

Bubble Plan: project management and meeting management software

  • MEDIA - Webzine
  • DATE October 07 2020
  • THEMATICS Interview, Startup, Innovation, Strategy, Tech, SaaS, Publisher, Software, Guide
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The interview with Julien, CEO and founder of the French startup Bubble Plan and the issues surrounding the COVID crisis

Interview J Seligmann, CEO and founder of Bubble Plan

Julien Seligmann, CEO of Bubble Plan explains why the COVID-19 did not really have an impact on their way of working. An interview with, inside a startup and the health crisis.

  • MEDIA - Webzine
  • DATE October 03 2020
  • THEMATICS Interview, Founder, Startup, Innovation, Strategy, Covid19
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AppVizer's comparison of project management tools, with Bubble Plan in the spotlight

Comparison of the 9 best free project management software

Looking for the best free project management software for your business? Good news, whether you're a developer, marketer, salesperson or creative, these increasingly innovative and less limited software packages will help you gain productivity and peace of mind. Are you limited by time and budget? Don't panic, there are dozens of free project management software programs, here is a selection of the best ones

  • MEDIA Appvizer - Comparateur/Blog B2B
  • DATE August 04 2020
  • THEMATICS Free, Tool, Collaborative, Top 9, Selection, Management, Project
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A resource article on the perfect collaborative tools for teleworking

Resources for remote prospecting

You have certainly seen a lot of advice in recent weeks on how to organise your remote prospecting using web marketing techniques (referencing, emailing, marketing automation) or social selling (LinkedIn)? Well, today I'd like to talk about a slightly different but perfectly complementary topic!

  • MEDIA FirstEco - Blog B2B
  • DATE May 19 2020
  • THEMATICS Guide, Tool, Collaborative, Prospecting, Teleworking, Selection, Management, Project
  • Link FirstEco

Focus on Bubble Meeting and Plan in the online press review

Bubble Plan/Meeting: all-in-one solutions to telework while confined

In the current health context and in view of the containment that was decided on 17 March 2020, teleworking is at the heart of all discussions. Although some companies had already put in place a digitalization dynamic and well-developed processes, not all of them are used to this new work organization, hence the need to surround themselves with the right tools.

  • MEDIA Doc au futur - Webzine
  • DATE April 14 2020
  • THEMATICS Telework, Tool, Collaborative, Covid 19, Containment, Management, Project, Meeting
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Business Leader article on 12 effective teleworking tools

12 tools for efficient teleworking

Confined spaces mean teleworking for many employees. It's important to equip yourself with the best tools to stay effective from a distance. Here is a selection of the best platforms for optimal teleworking.

  • MEDIA Chef d'Entreprise - Webzine
  • DATE April 09 2020
  • THEMATICS Telework, Tool, Collaborative, Comparative, Selection, Top 12
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ArchiMag's comparison of the best BPM software in 2020, including Bubble Plan

Which BPM software to choose in 2020? (with a comparison of solutions)

Business process management (BPM) software has one ambition: to improve business performance by providing a comprehensive view of business processes. Focus on fifteen or so solutions available on the French market, with a comparative table (only available to subscribers)

  • MEDIA archiMag - Webzine
  • DATE April 07 2020
  • THEMATICS DematCloud, Comparative, Software, BPM, Selection
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Article on Bubble Plan from a B2B blog specialising in management control

Bubble Plan: a customised project planning software

Bubble Plan is an online collaborative project planning software. It works in Saas mode and is intended for project managers, managers or SME managers. Bubble Plan is a web and IOS application. This project management software offers various functionalities adapted to the needs of all types of companies. As you will see, BubblePlan has many assets to seduce beginners or advanced managers

  • MEDIA ContrôleDeGestion - Blog B2B
  • DATE November 06 2019
  • THEMATICS Analysis, Guide, Management, Project, Planning, Tool
  • Link

Stratégies magazine honours 5 HR Tech startups - online press review


Recruitment, organisation, employer branding, salary well-being... HR Tech start-ups have taken over all levels of management, with a lot of technological innovations. New working methods...

  • MEDIA Stratégies - Magazine
  • DATE September 15 2019
  • THEMATICS HR, Human Resources, Startup, HR Tech, Top 5
  • Link Straté

Top 5 project management software according to E-marketing magazine

Top 5 free online project management software

Whatever the size of your company, or if you are a self-employed entrepreneur, project management is one of the essential steps in the successful delivery of your services. Several online solutions exist to save time, increase productivity and advance your project.

  • MEDIA EMarketing - Webzine
  • DATE July 22 2019
  • THEMATICS Free, Saas, Selection, Tool, Collaborative, Management, Project, Top 5
  • Link

Bubble Plan honoured in the collaborative tools to know according to Maddyness

#MADDYTOOLS / Bubble Plan, for better collaborative project management

Are you struggling to get organized? Your team and you are looking for a collaborative tool? Bubble Plan has done it! The start-up offers two solutions: Bubble Plan, an online project management tool to plan, share and communicate better and Bubble Meeting, its latest creation, dedicated to the management of meetings to end the growing meetingitis... Julien Seligmann, CEO of Bubble Plan, presented us his solutions

  • MEDIA Maddyness - Webzine
  • DATE January 17 2019
  • THEMATICS Interview, Startup, Founder, CEO, Tool, Collaborative, Project, Meeting
  • Link Maddyness

Article 2018, on the Super Agency's HR Tech awards

2018 Top 20 French HR tech innovators

Bubble Plan: project management and meeting management software

  • MEDIA LaSuperAgence - Blog B2B
  • DATE September 28 2018
  • THEMATICS Awards, Selection, Startup, HR, Top 20, HR Tech, Innovation
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BoostMakers interview with the marketing manager of software startup Bubble Plan

Interview with G Hennion, CMO Bubble Plan

BoostMakers gives the floor to Grégory HENNION, the Marketing Director of BUBBLE PLAN. He tells us all about the keys to improving management and organisations.

  • MEDIA BoostMakers - Blog B2B
  • DATE May 09 2018
  • THEMATICS Interview, CMO, Startup, Blog, Marketing, Management
  • Link BoostMakers

Special page on Bubble Plan and its CEO Julien Seligmann in the white paper Portraits of Startupers, by Sébastien Bourguignon

Portraits of the #2018 startups

#StartupPortrait - Bubble Plan - Julien Seligmann @BubblePlan #Startup #Entrepreneurship

  • MEDIA Portraits de startupers - Livre
  • DATE February 07 2018
  • THEMATICS Interview, Startup, Founder, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, SaaS, Publisher, Software
  • Link Portraits de startupers #2018

Chef d'entreprise magazine on mobility and technological tools for better management

Technology for mobility

With a simple smartphone, you can be as efficient on the go as you are in the office. Or even more, if you take advantage of the many solutions that make it easier to work on the move. And encourage more and more collaboration

Video interview with Julien Seligmann, CEO of Bubble Plan, a French startup, on ClubMédia RH on BFM Business

Interview with J Seligmann, founder at Club Media RH / BFM Business

Julien Seligmann, CEO and founder of Bubble Plan, introduces us to his start-up. The latter offers an online project planning and management tool. It has recently signed a partnership with the SNCF and is currently recruiting a full-stack web developer

  • MEDIA BFM Business - Média TV
  • DATE June 24 2017
  • THEMATICS Startup, HR, Founder, Interview, TV, Business, Recruitment
  • Link BFM Business

Collaboration between SNCF and the startup Bubble Plan, in Alliancy Le mag, around human resources (HR)

HR Tech: SNCF entrusts the management of its HR projects to Bubble Plan

The SNCF has entrusted a Parisian start-up with the task of restructuring processes and increasing productivity within the Employment and Career Services department.

  • MEDIA Alliancy - Webzine
  • DATE May 17 2017
  • THEMATICS HR, Human Resources, Startup, HR Tech, Case study, Interview
  • Link

Collaborations between large French groups and innovative startups in E-marketing magazine

Which BPM software to choose in 2020? (with a comparison of solutions)

The SNCF & Bubble Plan, Sanofi Pasteur with Wisembly, Ader Finance with Slack, ISKN with Mural, Kontest with Trello or Muxu Muxu with Missive... Brands also rely on collaborative work and testify on the solutions they have found to promote and maintain it

  • MEDIA E-marketing - Webzine
  • DATE May 09 2017
  • THEMATICS HR, Human Resources, Startup, HR Tech, Comparison, Selection, SNCF
  • Link

The news of the net with the SNCF - Bubble Plan partnership within the Human Resources department of the group


the new version of the easiest and most visual online project planning and management tool on the market is coming for Easter

  • MEDIA Les News du net - Webzine
  • DATE April 25 2017
  • THEMATICS HR, Human Resources, Startup, HR Tech, Comparison, Selection, SNCF
  • Link

The collaborative project planning tool under the sharp eye of the blog

Bubble Plan. Create a project plan in collaborative mode

Review of the new French collaborative project management tool, by the blog Outils Collaboratifs.

  • MEDIA OutilsCollaboratifs - Blog B2B
  • DATE April 2015
  • THEMATICS Product Sheet, Collaborative, Software, Tool, Selection
  • Link

Article on useful info

Introducing the new tool

A young French startup, Bubble Plan offers an online tool to help you organise yourself, without making mistakes, for an important event in your life (weddings, baptisms, ...) or simply to have permanent, collaborative help and automatic reminders for those whose life is more complex (divorced people, multi-course students, party organisers, craftsmen, ... ).

  • MEDIA - Blog
  • DATE October 13 2015
  • THEMATICS Novelty, Startup, Software, Founder, CEO, Tool, Management, Project
  • Link Info Utiles

Interview with the founders of the startup Bubble Plan on J'aime les startups

Interview with the founders of Bubble Plan, a new French tool

If you manage projects, you know that it is important to find the right tool and it looks like Julien and Benoît have created a tool that is not bad at all and has a free offer!

  • MEDIA J' - Webzine
  • DATE March 30 2015
  • THEMATICS Interview, Startup, Software, Founder, CEO, Management, Project
  • Link J'aime les startups