Manage your projects easily with Bubble Plan!

Creating clear and elegant project plannings, organizing your team's task management or sharing a visual « Gantt » chart has never been easier!

Whether you are an independent consultant, a startup or a large company, Bubble Plan is the perfect tool to help you complete all your projects. The project management software offers great accessibility and an intuitive interface to meet the needs of every professional.

The numerous features of the online collaborative project management software, from Gantt planning to dashboard monitoring, offer you all the tools for an efficient, flexible and personalized project management according to your projects.

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Adapted to your business and your projects

As a collaborative project management software, Bubble Plan combines all the features of a project management tool and an online planning tool to fit all your projects.

Numerous features are continually enriching the platform Bubble Plan to allow you to manage your projects and plannings from A to Z, and always with ease.

To the planning vision, quick to draw, all in color, easy to consult and pleasant to share, our project management tool adds essential functionalities for project piloting and collaborative work to meet any business need : consulting firms, marketing and communication agencies, HR departments, IT companies, general management, operations, production, ...

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What makes Bubble Plan unique

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With Bubble Plan, online collaborative project management software, managers, clients and collaborators understand and track their project planning at a glance, thanks to its graphic web interface and clear exports. Planning and task management features allow for accurate visualization of project progress, while providing agile and efficient management.

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Bubble Plan is an intuitive and easy to use project management software. With its simple and uncluttered interface, you can plan and organize your projects in just a few clicks. You don't need to be a project management expert to successfully plan effectively. You can create clear and elegant project plannings using the « drag and drop » feature, to plan your tasks with ease. You focus on planning your ideas, and the tool assists you in getting them done.

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Accessible anywhere, your project management software is equally at home in presentation roadmap mode, in project management or for team collaboration. With its many enriching features, you choose the way to steer your project that suits your need for project management, scheduling, software and planning. The multiple visualization and display options fit all uses: task management, reporting, strategic planning and more.

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We are constantly enriching the functions of Bubble Plan to always better respond to each of your projects and offer you a « tailor-made » support for the management and planning of your projects. Our offers provide you with an evolving range, to adjust your functionalities according to your mastery of the project mode and your more or less advanced needs in terms of project management, planning and scheduling. Finally, our team of developers can perform specific feature development for you, for a customized experience tailored to the way you work.

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The advantages that Bubble Plan offers you

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Bubble Plan features

Succeed in your project management

Modeling and managing your projects has never been easier than with Bubble Plan, the easy-to-use visual project management software.

No more « white elephant » and complex software, with Bubble Plan you finally have the SaaS collaborative tool to succeed in your project management in all simplicity, for all users.

Bubble Plan makes your life easier and easily transposes the project planning, Gantt chart or not, that you have in mind.

Engage your team with intuitive and accessible project planning.

With a few clicks, you can add ideas, milestones and tasks. At a glance, you can view your entire project and follow the work of your teams.

Ultimate collaborative solution our planning software offers a centralized workspace, where task management, document sharing, resource management and dashboards are always simple, graphic and fun.

Take advantage of a constant support to fast-track your project dynamics internally

Our team of experts is here to support you from the start and throughout the evolution of your project management. We understand that each project is unique, and we're here to listen to you and recommend the features and options that are best suited to your issues.

Our scalable feature set, declined in several versions, allows you to grow your teams' project culture gradually, according to your needs and your mastery of the project mode. To succeed in all your projects!

Successful project management with Bubble Plan
Discover the many features that Bubble Plan offers to meet the needs of each of your projects:
The user experience is at the heart of our collaborative software, making it even easier to learn and conduct projects online!

They trust us

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Whichever method you choose

Time planning, definition of objectives, resource management, task allocation, costing and monitoring of successful completion are the key elements of project management.

Whether your project is internal or external, defining and organizing clear processes are essential to ensure its success.

For effective project management, it is important to have a method - the Agile method being one of the most popular - and a committed project manager. It's also essential to have a collaborative software package that is tailored to project management, planning and your goals. Bubble Plan is a planning software that makes it easy to create projects using different methods such as Gantt planning, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, V-cycle, and many others.

Choose the version that fits your company's users and your team members. With its many features, Bubble Plan simplifies the management of your project and allows you to focus on the essential: the success of your project.

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