Bubble Plan is the easiest project software to transpose the action plan you have in mind, onto the web. A project planning tool, collaborative, accessible to all, in SaaS mode, to model and then manage your projects in an intuitive and graphic way.

Novice in project management or experienced manager, each one will find in this project management software and its online schedules, the functionalities adapted to his needs and an immediate and immersive grip.

The global list of projects for an overview of your available online plannings and their updates

Bubble Plan

Save time and productivity, right away and without complexity, for any type of project: roadmap, business action plan, operational planning, task management, collaborative work...

All the features and services to plan and steer your project efficiently. Bubble Plan's online schedules can be built in a few clicks, are infinitely editable and offer a clear, graphical and scalable view of your projects.


- Graphic and visual modelisation
- Integrated creation and drag & drop


- Todo lists / Checklists
- Task assignation and access


- Simple « gantt » planning
- Multi project structure


- Task followup
- Ressources load management


- Multi-levels visual reporting
- Export clear and graphical
- Read-only accesses


- Documents storage and share
- Chat and comments
- Alerts and notifications

Services to assist you and support your deployment

Be guided

- Didacticial and support (chat / email / phone)
- formation


- Advanced features (budget, workload...)
- Custom development service
- Frequent upgrades

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Project planning and management in pictures

Bubble Plan is the most accessible, visual and complete online planning tool for projects and activities.
Because a good sketch is better than a long speech, discover by yourself in pictures: online planning, visual management and dashboards for management (Kanban, Tasks, Resources, Portfolio, ...).

Synergy projects / meetings

With Bubble Meeting, our collaborative tool dedicated to managing your business meetings, you can optimize your project or activity management.

Transform your meeting milestones with interactive tracking, orchestrate your meetings directly from Bubble Plan and its online planning; and change your habits for focused, dynamic and engaged meetings.

Time saving and productivity

Participative engagement

Complete management in 4 key phases

Dynamic and intuitive animation

Continuous traceability of decisions

Say no to meeting fatigue with Bubble Meeting

The global list of past, current and upcoming meetings

The modern interface of our meeting management tool with the list of meetings followed and their synthesis, as well as the picture of a meeting animation module