Bubble Plan is the easiest project planning software to transpose the action plan you have in mind, onto the web.
Online project planning is done in a few clicks: simple and progressive.

The online planning and detailed planification features of a bubble Planning with a bubble and its options

Any realization of a schedule, which seems easy, can quickly be suboptimal for project modeling. Between the dates that are added, the multiplication of missions and milestones, as well as the setting up of timelines, it is easy to get tangled up and weave a web of information, at the risk of no longer find your way around and waste precious time.
This is why the collaborative and intuitive Bubble Plan interface offers you its simple and effective online planning; whether you are a student, self-employed, manager or employee!

Our collaborative project planning tool is accessible to everyone, in SaaS mode, to model, then manage activity and projects, in an intuitive and graphical way.
Novice in project management or experienced manager? VSE-SME, public body or large group? Everyone will find, in this project management software and its online schedules, the functionalities adapted to their needs and immediate and immersive handling.

When to choose an online planner for your project?

The online schedule must have for interest to coordinate your needs and deadlines, in time, in a periodic way (monthly, weekly or daily, ...). During the realization of an action plan, for example, it is essential to organize all the members of a team, around the defined objectives and deadlines.

Planning: a strategic asset for the implementation and especially the follow-up of your projects and activities.

A common mistake is to embark on your project without thinking about the external elements, and other hazards, … and especially to forget to inform your team of the progress of the project.
However, a missed appointment or a shifting phase could block your entire project!
In this case, setting up an online schedule, which is always available, is inseparable from successful project management: linked to a server that allows multiple users to connect, anywhere, anytime

-> tracking project dates is possible and clear to everyone.

An online schedule is useful for anyone doing multiple projects over a set period of time.
For example, in the field of human resources you have to create short-term projects such as recruitment sessions, or even the setting up of a professional event. In jobs such as editing, which require daily shifts, you also need a regularly updated online schedule. The same is true in many other professions: marketing, real estate, logistics, communication, construction sites, etc. for which online planning is a precious project management base.

A visual management oriented online planning with many graphic options Visual management, with vertical marker and graphic palette

A coordination tool that makes your project grow

On the Bubble Plan planning software, we offer an online planning which brings up to date the standard calendars, existing on the Internet or the usual creation in Excel. We offer a work surface based on three main management concepts:


You allow all the members of your team to move forward alongside you to design, prevent and plan all the future highlights of your project


It is by working together that you can develop a convincing project

Centralization of data

Essential to optimize all stages of the project. You can share your attachments in a few clicks and react to each step of the project

We are optimizing the online schedule so that it is intuitive, but above all visual for an understanding of all the new elements at a single glance added. You can personalize your online schedule to give meaning to each step. Indeed, from info to colors, you can customize everything!

Moreover, the person who creates the online schedule, or the «project manager», is not the only key player in the project. As such, all authorized persons are entitled to modify it as they see fit: collaborative work is encouraged, making it possible to save time and involvement.

Bubble plan, online planning software and much more

Save time and increase productivity, immediately and without complexity, for any type of “project”: roadmap, business action plan, operational planning, task management, collaborative work, strategic planning, team organization...

Bubble Plan's online schedules can be built in a few clicks, can be infinitely modified and offer a clear, graphic and modular view of your projects or your activity.
In addition to online planning, find all the features and services to plan and manage your project efficiently.


- Graphic and visual modelisation
- Integrated creation and drag & drop


- Simple « gantt » planning
- Multi project structure


- Todo lists / Checklists
- Task assignation and access


- Multi-levels visual reporting
- Export clear and graphical
- Read-only accesses


- Task followup
- Ressources load management


- Documents storage and share
- Chat and comments
- Alerts and notifications

Services to assist you and support your deployment

Be guided

- Didacticial and support (chat / email / phone)
- formation


- Advanced features (budget, workload...)
- Custom development service
- Frequent upgrades

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Project planning and management in pictures

Bubble Plan is the most accessible, visual and complete project and activity management software, online planning oriented.

Because a good diagram is better than a long speech, discover for yourself in pictures: online planning, visual management and dashboards for management (Kanban, Tasks, Resources, Portfolio, ...).

Synergy of projects / meetings

With Bubble Meeting, our collaborative software dedicated to management of your work meetings, you can optimize your project or activity management.

Transform your meeting milestones with the interactive follow-up, orchestrate your meetings directly from Bubble Plan and its online schedule, and change your habits for framed, dynamic and committed meetings.

Time saving and productivity

Participative engagement

Complete management in 4 key phases

Dynamic and intuitive animation

Continuous traceability of decisions

Say no to meeting fatigue with Bubble Meeting

The global list of past, current and upcoming meetings

The modern interface of our meeting management tool with the list of meetings followed and their synthesis, as well as the picture of a meeting animation module