A comprehensive project management tool, Bubble Plan focuses on collaborative work and interaction. A project environment that enables sharing and communication around teams

Instant discussion

Direct communication within projects; to create a real centralized team dynamic. Bubble Plan is no exception and even offers two dedicated features, within each project.


Each element (milestone or bubble) allows you to leave comments, general or targeted, for stakeholders. Comment, workflow, discussion or validation thread, ...
Choose your communication logic, according to your needs and process.

Illustrated comments to track the workflow of your project items

Project chat

Within each project schedule, you have a discussion centre for live exchanges on subjects that are relevant to your project.
With or without mention, with or without illustration, easily transmit your information, start new topics, inform or debate with collaborators.

A chat with images and attachments to make the tool more collaborative

Automated collaboration

To enhance collaborative working and create a good team dynamic, our project management tool frees you from constraints. Its interface is designed to automatically inform you of any changes; live or by email.


Any real stakeholder benefits from live notifications;
in case of assignment on a task, message or changes concerning them. This encourages collaborative working and interaction, with information being updated automatically and continuously.

Live in the tool, you can set up your email notification summary so you don't miss out on any project interactions.


Don't forget any event and organize your agenda,
with programmable email alerts, personal or for actual stakeholders. A meeting to prepare, a step you don't want to miss,
the Alerts feature is for you. An ideal feature also for team incentive and deadline automation by project managers.

Document centralization

To circulate information, to be always up to date, to present documents, deliverables, images, or to increase your skills, Bubble Plan offers 3 options for integrating attachments to the project.

Natively on our French servers, via digital link or thanks to our integrations with cloud storage tools (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive), collaborative work is facilitated by storing your documents, within the project itself.

Find all your project attachments in a central space on your project sheet. A sheet that also stores the project's framework elements.

Image, PDF, document (Word, Excel, etc.), your documents can be consulted, even by people outside your team, if you so decide

A list of all your planning files: attachments, deliverables, images, ... for a centralised collaborative tool

A tool for organising, sharing a vision, informing the hierarchy, communicating and ultimately aligning all the players

Multi-faceted collaboration

Team or project group collaboration is essential to the success of your projects. That's why our project management software, the ultimate collaborative tool, still offers many options for collaboration.


Perfectly adapted to collaborative work, Bubble Plan allows you to share your project schedules, internally or externally. Take advantage of the digital project link, to present your schedule in real time. Clients, partners and service providers are thus perfectly involved in the project dynamics.

For your team, decide the type of sharing you want, by granting collaborative or simply consultative rights

A simple and colourful collaboration management interface with 4 types of rights


A project planning and presentation tool, Bubble Plan gives you two export options. A spreadsheet format or an image format are available to transmit your data, conduct meetings or output a project view at T time.

The Image format is fully customisable to facilitate your exports: period, content, granularity and even quality (take advantage of the vector format for large, dense projects).

A clear image export interface to output your project presentations to the outside world

Calendar synchronisation

Bubble Plan is integrated with your favorite calendars: Outlook (Office365) and Google Calendar, for easy synchronization of your essentials on your calendars.

So you can pull up all your project events or simply your key milestones on your daily calendar, so you don't miss any imperatives.

The Bubble Plan collaborative tool can be synchronised with your Google and Outlook calendars