A comprehensive project planning and management tool, Bubble Plan has many different dashboards and views, to make it easier to anticipate and get to grips with. Only available in the Premium version, they allow you to automatically process one or more projects from a particular angle to better manage your activity

Our dashboards

Progress monitoring

A Kanban view to follow the evolution of all your projects, assisted by our software, which automatically distributes your elements, according to date and completion. A highly appreciated steering angle as it emphasizes visual management and your detection criteria; while structuring information according to urgency. Anticipate delays, force validations, interact with team members, in a central and decision-making dashboard.

Automatic sorting of deadlines

Elements synchronised to projects

Visual management

Dynamic filters

The full-colour Kanban dashboard, to easily monitor the progress of all projects and their functional elements

Stakeholder Schedule

An interactive dashboard to easily manage teams and employees. Bubble Plan automatically sorts and presents your elements, according to each resource (real and virtual). Bubble Plan also allows you to monitor workload issues and anticipate new projects and areas of staff tension.

Presentation by resource

Load modelling

Elements synchronised to projects

Visual management

Dynamic filters

A stakeholder schedule to manage resources and project management around stakeholders

Share Management

To facilitate the management of tasks on a daily basis, this dashboard allows you to monitor all actions, as well as the estimated or completed time. Redistribute according to your expectations or imperatives, organise your personal notebook, enter your time spent on your tasks in bulk... So many possibilities within this operational management tool.

Drag & drop assignment

Non-project « post-it » actions

Projects or Collaborators view

Automatic time accumulation

Dynamic filters

Simplified action management with one column per user to manage projects and achievements

Project portfolio

Bubble Plan does not stop at operational project management. With its summary dashboard, it offers directors and managers a quick and macro view of all your projects. Find all the indicators of your project sheets, the latest weather reports and much more in a tool dedicated to analysis and arbitration. The Project Portfolio brings a rare project management dimension to a collaborative tool that is not its specialty.

Overview/Project summary

Analysis of forecast indicators

Weather Project

Dynamic filters

Synthetic project management with the Portfolio dashboard and its numerous performance indicators

Personal dashboard

Perfectly adapted to novices, our project management tool offers each employee a clear and precise summary of news and personal events. Find without difficulty your actions by priority, the elements where you participate or the last personal notifications, on the various projects which concern you. In an operational role, this single dashboard gives you all the information you need to manage your day and your emergencies in one place.

Interactive actions

Direct promotion management

Easy to navigate

Simple and graphic synthesis

A specific dashboard for your own news to better manage your daily obligations

Calendar view

To improve your project management, team management and deadlines, the BUSINESS version of Bubble Plan provides a specific calendar view, to easily find bubbles, milestones or actions outside the project. The Agenda view offers another angle of vision, multi-project, on the distribution and daily issues of each stakeholder. Choose the elements to be brought up and the timing, according to your interests.

3 time modes

Real or virtual stakeholders

Dynamic filters

Choice of calendar content

Illustration of project management with an agenda view of your multi-project deadlines or those of your collaborators

Monitoring plan

With the Monitoring Plan (in the ENTERPRISE offer), Bubble Plan is equipped with an editable and customisable report to facilitate your project summaries and reporting. Very easy to use, in a few clicks, you choose the projects to highlight, define the content and the desired indicators and there you have it, your synchronised report, ready to be presented, transmitted or exported.

Easy setup

Simplified reporting of indicators

Graphic and dynamic project review

Continuously updated

Integration of a weather forecast per line

The monitoring plan, an unfoldable and editable report to bring up, in colour and dynamically, your project information
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Customisable views

In the Premium multi-project version, we have designed two particular functionalities to facilitate project management, readability and rapid decision-making. These two approaches are strongly rooted in the Visual Management spirit of Bubble Plan.

Colour-filtered project schedules for optimal project management

Consolidated views

The Sub-projects function allows you to create multi-project schedules where you can group as many projects as you wish. This option also offers a line selection filter and displays your original project synchronously.

Create steering plans by category, priorities, phases, sectors or for management.

Customised views

This function allows you to generate specific views on your project schedules or your consolidated views. With custom views, you apply a filter to the rows and visual palette, to display only certain aspects.

This allows you to simplify the readability of projects, for management or a particular department. This option is only available in BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE versions.

Schedules with all projects consolidated to have an overview of your issues and deadlines