Bubble Plan was originally a simple and visual online project planning tool.
The approach around projects and activities, from an « intuitive planning » angle, is therefore an integral part of its DNA, for easy visualisation over time.
Discover all the features and options dedicated to the planning of your various projects.

Intuitive drag & drop modelling

Plan all your projects with drag and drop. All the elements of your project can be rearranged with a simple drag and drop

Simple and graphic construction

In a few moves, easily represent your ideas, projections, projects, along your timeline.

Dynamic organisation

With the intuitive project planning, you can quickly (re)structure the main phases of your project

The user experience is at the heart of our collaborative software, making it even easier to learn and conduct projects online!

Project planning elements

To meet your business modelling needs, our project planning tool incorporates various segmentation and representation elements.

A multi-level planning tool for easy project modelling

Create phases, operations, missions, sprints,..., with this central element.
Enhance the Project Management experience with its integrated functions.


Present your milestones, key points, milestones, meetings,..., with this single date item. Lockable as needed, its impact can also be reinforced with visual management.


Organise your project planning, in horizontal blocks (phases, channels, media, programmes,...). Detail the planning with our 3 graphic levels.


Work, organise, present, according to your needs, with a customisable time scale, from the strategic view to the operational view. Put it in your colours too!

Additional options

For a project planning as close as possible to your reality, Bubble Plan includes multiple options. This allows you to model your project planning in a demanding way.


The advanced options allow you to define even the time ranges of your elements


With this display option, you only show the information you want.

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Project Planning

For intelligent and dynamic project planning, Bubble Plan embeds a linking system predecessor-successor links, fixed elements, minimum constraint deadlines and more. Automate your modifications, the impact of your project hazards, with the Gantt-like approach and save precious time!

Dynamic links

Automate shifts and changes to your project schedule.


Impose minimum completion times between two items

Critical path

With constraints and lockable elements, Bubble Plan respects your requirements


For all those who anticipate mandatory dates, opt for the backward shift

A colourful planning tool including links to better manage project gaps