In your project planning, you are looking to define the necessary steps to achieve the objectives of a project, by allocating resources, establishing schedules and identifying potential risks. We offer you a simple and effective way to achieve all this thanks to our intuitive and visual interface.

The heart of Bubble Plan has always been a project planning tool, online, simple and graphic. The approach around projects and activities, from an intuitive planning perspective, is therefore an integral part of its DNA, for a facilitated visualization over time.

Discover all the features and options dedicated to the planning of your various projects.

Plan your projects with intuitive drag & drop modeling

Plan all your projects according to your desires by dragging and dropping. All the components of your project can be easily reorganized with a simple slide.

Simple and graphic construction

In a few slides, materialize your ideas, visualize your projections and organize your projects effectively on a clear and accessible timeline.

Dynamic organization

With our intuitive planning tool, you can quickly (re)structure the major phases of your project.

Choose the right planning software for your business

Bubble Plan, a planning tool designed and developed in France, is suitable for all companies, regardless of their size.
Its ease of use and advanced features significantly improve the planning and management of your projects.
A multi-level planning tool to easily model projects

Follow the key steps of project management with Bubble Plan

To meet your activity modeling needs, our project planning tool, in planning mode, integrates different segmentation and representation elements.

Create phases, operations, missions and sprints, thanks to this central component. Manage your project management with its integrated functions: checklist, resources, costs, deadlines, ...
Present your milestones, key points, steps and meetings with this fixed date marker. With its customizable pictos, it also serves as an indicator in visual management.
Organize your project planning in horizontal blocks to materialize phases, channels, supports, or other programs. Detail the planning on 3 customizable graphical levels.
Time axis
Work, organize and present at the time scale adapted to your needs. Flexible, you choose your time scale: months, weeks, days, ... and change the colors at will.

Choose your level of detail in a simple, yet very complete tool!

For project planning as close as possible to your reality, Bubble Plan includes multiple options. You can thus model your project time planning in a demanding way.

Project consolidation

Segment your projects in the most natural way for you: by client, by internal stakeholders, by typology, ... You can then choose to consolidate your projects in an overview, or reprocess the data from your projects from the angle adapted in the different dashboards at your disposal.

Control of display on the planning

Present on all bubble contents, the masking function allows you to select and display only the essential information for you and your collaborators. You thus guarantee a clear, uncluttered and focused overview on your main project objectives.

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Optimize the completion of your tasks with the Gantt diagram approach

An intelligent and dynamic project planning tool! Thanks to its predecessor-successor links system, its integrated elements, and its constraint deadlines, automatically optimize your modifications and minimize the impact of unforeseen events. Adopt our Gantt diagram-inspired approach and save precious time.

Dynamic links

Automate the shifts and modifications of your project planning. Move the different bubbles of your planning freely and the links will adapt automatically!


Impose minimum completion times between two components to ensure effective and structured project management.

Critical path

With its adjustable constraints and lockable elements, our tool scrupulously respects your imperatives and ensures project management in accordance with your requirements.

Backward planning

For all those who anticipate mandatory dates, opt for upstream shift and ensure strict compliance with your deadlines thanks to early and precise planning.

A color-coded planning including links to better manage project delays
A multi-level planning tool to easily model projects

Facilitate teamwork with the collaborative features of Bubble Plan

Our tool offers many features that facilitate teamwork. We present some of them here, and if you want to discover more, find them all on a dedicated page on this subject!

Agendas synchronization

Bubble Plan integrates with your calendars! Easily find all your projects and meetings in one place and synchronize your deadlines for effective management.

Document sharing

You can easily share your project schedules. Whether to involve your clients in the process or to share information with members of your team, the internal or external distribution option is at your disposal. In addition, you control the permissions of each document, deciding whether users can simply view it or also modify it, according to your needs.

Alerts and notifications

Set up your alerts and notifications so you don't miss anything and automate deadlines for optimal project management. You can also choose to receive them or not in your mailbox.

Manage your team's needs with the many dashboards available

Bubble Plan offers a multitude of dashboards to meet your management needs. You can thus follow the progress of your projects, the resources allocated, the costs incurred, the deadlines met, and much more.

Intervenants planning

An interactive dashboard that simplifies team management by sorting and displaying tasks by available resource. Monitor workload, and prevent potential problems for each project and collaborator.

Agenda view

The BUSINESS version includes an agenda view for simplified monitoring of projects and teams. Manage the tasks, events and leaves of your collaborators at a glance.

A color-coded planning including links to better manage project delays