Numerous features and options for managing tasks, resources, progress or budget tracking are built into Bubble Plan.
After planning or at any time, click in your elements (milestones, bubbles) to set up the precise aspects to track on your project. Integrate or modify new information at any time and enter fully into progressive project management.
With our monitoring and steering tool, you don't need to master all the contours of your project before starting and planning.Get started!

Options for refining your project management

Simple, colourful and comprehensive task management

With the Actions feature and its many options, you can easily create checklists or tasks in your bubbles. Distribute the missions of each person, follow the achievements, the time spent on each one or manage the importance of these actions.

For a perfectly controlled and intuitive project management, Bubble Plan also offers several summaries of tasks, within the project or in the dashboards. Don't forget any of your tasks!

The Actions feature, a two-tiered option for organising the operational side of your projects

Deadline/Effective date

Assign a date to your action, either a deadline or an operational date, colour-modelled in case of urgency or delay

Load management

For advanced project management, estimate the time to completion, track the actual time and thus analyse the workload of each person, in colour


Because not every action has the same value, you can assign a level of importance; to determine actual progress

Automated advancement

Assign a date to your action, either a deadline or an operational date, colour-modelled in case of urgency or delay

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Resource management according to Bubble Plan

All your resources can be assigned, tracked and controlled, with the Stakeholder function and its two variants; for a structured and interactive project management.

Real players

Any actor whose email is associated with a license in Bubble Plan can be integrated and tracked in your projects at multiple levels.

The real player benefits from the dynamic and collaborative aspect of the tool (notifications, alerts, custom dashboards, internal communication, ...). You can also model the load of all your stakeholders of this type.

The interface for managing the rights and accesses of your stakeholders, simple and practical

Virtual stakeholders

Create « fictitious » resources, whether physical, material or geographical, via virtual stakeholders. They are not connected to your licence pool and the information remains at the heart of the schedule and your dashboards, for internal use.

A sample resource ideal for managing your projects in detail or without external interactions; which also serves as tags, on your various milestones and bubbles.

Visual stakeholder lists to track and organise everything in our project management tool


Bubble Plan may be a simple and accessible project management tool, but its immersive dimension takes you all the way to managing the workload of your collaborators or teams. Assign your actions to real people and enter their estimated time. The software does the rest and shows you the workload by coloured areas in the « Worker Planning » dashboard

A general resource plan with the load in colour and all the implications of each collaborator

Load indices

3 coloured areas to model, by period, the future workload of each employee or partner

Incremental calculation

Bubble Plan models the workload by project and period only, with a cumulative total, for a more detailed analysis of requirements

A global overview with the Project Sheet

For each project, you have a general sheet which frames and centralises your main information: description, monitoring points, attachments and documents, performance indicators, etc.

Scoping and monitoring

Description, objectives, category, stakeholders, illustration, monitoring points: everything is there to summarise and monitor your project

Key indicators

Forecast indicators, performance KPIs, all the key elements to understand and analyse the objectives and status of the project

Documentary centralisation

Project framework documents (Brief, specifications,...) and planning attachments are centralised


The project budget is consolidated for all your bubbles, directly in the project file, for a perfect overview

A structured project file, easy to use and full of monitoring indicators