A diagram is better than a long speech! Discover the graphic assets that differentiate Bubble Plan.
Our project management tool offers a highly graphical approach and numerous options for managing your projects in visual management mode. This way, you can easily pass on information, detect problems among your employees or manage priorities at a glance, thanks to visual elements that everyone can understand.

Target, Inform, Categorise

Colour Palette

30 colours available to illustrate your bubbles


100+ icons to visually identify or communicate

Vertical markers

Marked line or range of colours to symbolise stages and phases


Timeline icons to highlight the project situation

Be more effective with visual management

Bubble Plan is a collaborative project management tool, where the Planning and Visual Management dimensions are at the heart of all your project management and collaboration methods

Consolidated visual steering

Orchestrate all your problems, guide your teams, communicate, distribute your missions or arbitrate decisions on your projects in a single glance.

The dynamics of management by visual simplifies the transmission of information. Everything is centralised, everything is graphic to reduce: emails, meetings or elements transmitted on the fly.

You thus gain in productivity and anticipation on your entire perimeter.

A very graphic and colourful schedule to encourage visual management

Prioritisation logic

You structure your project schedule according to your wishes, with coloured lines. Then prioritise your information on 3 levels of graphic indentation. This graphical indentation allows you to better visualise the layers of the project.

Whether you are modelling macro, operational or working with sub-parts of main phases, you can easily present and prioritise your projects.

Colourful project plans on several levels to better structure your projects


You have a « Monitoring Point » function in your project sheet, illustrated by weather icons. This allows you to easily convey a feeling for the project's progress and status. This valuable information is naturally displayed in your Project Portfolio dashboard, allowing you to manage and make decisions quickly. The weather indicator is a strong element of visual management.

In the ENTERPRISE version, you can also benefit from a project weather system by line and reported in a specific dashboard. This allows you to illustrate your activity's perspectives in greater detail.

Project weather blocks to indicate your status with a simple pictogram, easier to understand
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Custom views

This optional Premium feature gives visual management its full meaning; when it comes to facilitating the readability of a project, to transmit only certain information or to better distribute the missions of each person.

Create specific filters on your project plans, to isolate your elements, by colour, pictogram category or by line. This way you give a better perspective to each actor of the project. Imagine a filter for all elements of a particular colour for a particular team; or another one focusing only on your alert icons for the management...

Detailed customised view filters for targeted management, with visual nuances, around graphic elements